Valentino Rossi and the management of mental and emotional state

Yesterday in the qualification practice at Indianapolis MotoGP race Valentino Rossi qualified 14th out of 17, more than two seconds slower than the Pole man Casey Stoner.

It’s useless to say that it’s a very bad result, almost humiliating for someone who won 9 world titles.

But when he’s been asked by the interviewer how are they thinking to solve all these problems Valentino simply said: “when the temperature is cool in the morning we are quite fast. Qualification practice and race are in the afternoon, with a very high temperature and in that situation we perform really bad. One solution could be convince all the teams and the televisions to do the race tomorrow morning at 9.30!”

The situation is very sad and depressive, but he jokes on it, and he doesn’t become sad and depressed (emotional states which almost never brings us to be the best of ourselves).

On the opposite, after a very long briefing with the team for improving the bike for the race of the day after, he put himself in a very amused, and light emotional state, which puts him in a mental state rich of possibility, not in state of loss. (someone could call it a COACH state instead of a CRASH state).

The fact is that he is NOT concentrated on “look how bad we are” but on “how can we do it better even in this hard situation?”.

I don’t know what Vale will be resulting this afternoon (writing, or not writing, this article after the race would have been much more easier) but  what I know is that with this mental state he will do the very best he can, in spite of the difficult situation.